Motorhome for Hire

Premium German built Motorhomes at standard prices?  Sounds too good to be true but be careful before you select your hire company.  Some are not companies at all but motorhome hire agencies who will put you in touch with a Motorhome owener and take a whopping 25% commission, meaning you’ll be paying 25% over the odds and getting a vehicle that has never been seen by the people who booked it to you.Sound like a good idea?  No I didn’t think so.  As always do your research, whilst to the untrained eye Motorhomes can look alike from the outside it’s only through use or experience where the real difference can be truly appreciated.

Pure German Built premium Motorhome for hire with Straight exterior walls, a curved alcove, an exciting rear section. The Hobby Siesta T600 AK KM wins people over both inside and out with its classic design lines. Plenty of space for everything that needs to go with you on holiday can be found in the large storage areas created by the practical divisions of the layout. Children are welcome! They will sleep well in the generous over-cab area or in the cosy rear bunks. With reliable FORD technology, the Hobby Siesta T600 AK KM is an ideal motorhome with lots of standard equipment. Great holidays are guaranteed!The Hobby Siesta T600 AK KM is a 4+2 (4 permanent sleeping places + 2 optional ones) berth vehicle with 6 seatbelts.It’s not just motorhome hire. At Better Than Camping you will find that all extras are provided free of charge.

Come and see the difference with our Motorhomes before you book elsewhere, you won’t believe your eyes!!The Hobby Siesta range for example, arguably one or the most prestigious family vans available, you know if you buy German you’re getting a level of quality that can’t be matched anywhere else. There are many different layouts in the Hobby Siesta range so whether you’re a family of 4 wanting the space and luxury motorhome hire provided in a Hobby Siesta T600 AK KM or a travelling couple wanting the indulgence provided by the Hobby Siesta Exclusive T650 FLC there is something for you.


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