Luxury motor home hire

Not your average motor home hire company Better Than Camping, nestled in the peaceful countryside of central England offer a hire a fleet of luxury motorhomes by premium German manufacturer Hobby.

Luxury is a word all too readily banded about in the motorhome hire industry. Luxury does not mean buying the cheapest motorhomes around and then also ordering the in appropriately named ‘luxury’ pack adding little value and certainly no elements of luxury. It should stand to mean that you are getting one of the best and most luxurious motorhomes available today.

Hobby are certainly that, the Hobby Siesta range really has something for everyone. Family friendly or for touring couples or groups of friends there will be a layout for you.

You’ll notice the difference too, there’s no cacophony of rattling cupboards and banging doors as you drive down the road, we’ve travelled in some lesser motorhomes that have been so loud during transit you have to shout to speak to the person next to you. Not so with a genuine luxury motorhome hire, travelling in silence is as important as travelling in style.

So what have you got to lose? If thinking of a family holiday with a difference for next year or you’re joining the growing masses who are indulging in a thre month tour around Europe, you’ll want to do this in style and you’ll want to do this in comfort. What’s more with prices that rival even those companies offering models at the budget end of the market you’ll want to do it with Better Than Camping.

What are you waiting for? Hire a motorhome from Better Than Camping today.


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